Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its almost here!!!

Soo i only have 24 days left =] i am just having to crack down and get a move on the things i gotta get done.... its like super crazy how time flew by lol.. i have sooo much work to do!! but i got all my itinerary and stuff like where ill be staying, and my schedule and all that jazz =D i get the weekends off to do as i please, and i also get to stay in the buddhist temple called Tashi Chuling Monastery located in Pharping. I will be in the rural villiages about 45 minutes away from the nearest large city, wayyy up in the mountains =] check it out its called Kathmandu Valley. the images are AMAZING. anyways let me know if yall have questions or whatever... 

much love


  1. hi punkin .I hope your flight was good and you had much room. on our drive home we made it all the way to the church area, and I got pulled over by a cop. he said I was going 50 in a 35 because of that construction! He said the ticket would be 700 bucks but he didn't give me one thank GOD. jeez almost home and get the ticket. that was double since it was a construction area too. well, i will be prayin for yu to have a wonderful flight. moma

  2. hahahahahahaha ohh man you are a crazy driver!!! yeah so my flight went well the people were really nice. so far the only problem i had was getting my stupid computer charged.... i just dropped SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS just to fricken charge it. and no place in this world believes in free wifi at the airports so i had to get the boingo crap for like 15 bucks for 24 hours.... buhhhhh so dumb. otherwise everything else is fantabulous =]


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