Friday, March 4, 2011


I am happy to see family and friends again, but at the same time, i literally feel as if i just took 3/4 of my heart and left it in Durbar square and in the Monastery =[

so i guess that just means that i have to return to pick up those pieces..

I have had the best times of my life there!! the people i met and the things that we did... dude idk if i will ever be able to live anywhere else again haha so i think that some time when i decide to pick a spot to stay in for a few years ill go there first! and ill be back to visit many times as well =]

my friend from Scotland just bought an appt the day that i left and so if i ever go back i have to check it out!

i have gotten this thing now with sending letters in the mail to people. i really like to write them and draw pretty things on them! so if you want me to write you letters let me know haha =] ill send you fun things to look at!

mmmmmmmmmmmm i am at peaceee with the worldd my friends

i love you all!!! so much its spilling out of my eyes in liquid form! EEEEE!

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