Saturday, February 26, 2011


If you all remember from about a month or so ago i had fallen ill and had to visit a doctor right? 

well they told me that i had a bacterial infection in my intestines just like the common travelers diharrea (spelling?) and gave me three pills. thats it. my whole trip to the doc took about thrity mins or so.

the symptoms stopped for a little while maybe like a week or two? 
and then suddenly they started up again. the pain was like a fire burning in my stomach and i would vomit and have to run to the bathroom every hour or so... then it would all vanish again and i would be fine. 

just a few days ago was the most recent flare up of pain i had had and it was THE WORST. last weekend we went to kathmandu and were just having a good time hangin out meeting new people. then sunday rolls along and still feeling fine, rode on top of the bus back to pharping and made it to the monastery with no problems. 

monday morning got up and taught both first and second class feeling totally cool happy with the sunshine and everything. i even took a nap on the steps of the Gumpa! =]

at about 5 my friend from mexico and i were gonna do Poi with the monks, when i started getting stomach pains that were so bad i had to lay down...

i slept for a little while and then woke up at around 8 or so and vomited for AN HOUR STRAIGHT with no stopping! i couldnt even stop to take breaths, so i would pass out after some time still puking, every single thing in my stomach came up and i was after a while vomiting some nasty gooey liquid that was almost greenish! sooo gross.... 

my friends from the RCDP hostel where i took my language course came all the way to the monastery to pick me up and rush me to a hospital.

they had to carry me to the van because i was so weak i couldnt stand with out puking or passing out.

as we were speeding off to the hospital i had my eyes closed the whole time just trying so hard not to throw up in my friends lap, and when i opened them, the moon was all orange and floating like an eerie lightbulb over the kathmandu valley. my thoughts were at that moment that i was for sure gonna die in this stupid bus. 

when we got to the hospital they wheeled me in (wheelchair) and hoisted me onto the bed... i looked around and was shocked. the hospital was the size of my living room or so with ONLY curtains separating the surgery room and the other bedridden patients... the birthing room was directly up the stairs. basically it was just a big room with curtains for walls. awesome right? pretty legit.
 the doc comes up to me and the FIRST thing he asks me is: 'How are you feeling right now?
i just stared at him with a stupid grin and said 'i feel like sh** man, really?' and he laughed and then placed my IV. terribly i might ad too... he punctured all the way thru my vein! my whole wrist was sore and was kinda swollen lol. the liquid that was pumping into me was so cold that my whole arm turned purple and felt like it had just turned to ice from the inside. i kept trying to put my arm under the covers to keep it warm, and he would take it out again! ughhhhh

the rest i dont remember but my friends relayed some thing to me....

they said that after i had fallen asleep the security guard started to check my IV.... WHAT?! and he told the nurse to throw away the boxes of IV medicines at the side of my bed... one of them happened to be full. ahhhhhhhhh i was in great hands.

we were in that hospital until one or so in the morning =[ but my friends are amazing because they stayed with me the whole time! and Keshav i think payed for the whole thing! it was pretty cheap tho lol but still... 

and now they are letting me stay in the RCDP Hostel till i get better! YAY! i get free internet and super soft comfy beds and free meals both lunch breakfast and dinner.... THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD. i am grateful for all my peeps =] 

i have been doing better so far they had diagnosed me with a parasite that is common in Nepal. the meds make me really sleepy tho and i cant really eat much so im getting kinda thin... Prakash the cook - the one i call Dai (big brother) - always comes in and brings me my food in bed! he knows i love tomatoes so he always washes them himself and brings them down to me hahaha i love it!! he also like forces me to eat cuz he thinks i look like a skeleton haha he is so funny! i probably do tho =/ 
my friend Arne came to visit me at the hostel too and he even made me a little chart to put my meds on so i could remember when to take them haha he is such a little doctor! 

all is well now tho i think i am getting better and am able to get up and move around. i actually took a shower! and it was HOT! ahhh so i get to have free hot showers now too =] eeeee so nice.


  1. Danella, looks like you are having a fabulous time despite your illness!!! Yikes, as a mother I can only image how your mother is feeling with you so far away.... But it sounds like you have some awesome friends that are taking good care of you!!!

    I'm loving your pictures & what a great adventure! Not sure I'm liking those dreads...... Hahaha!

  2. Duuuuude that's shitty! I'm scared that's gonna happen to me when i go to india. Have you been drinking purified water?? Did they tell you if the parasite was in something you ate? Drank?

    Hey! Good job teaching monks poi. Yay poi!!


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