Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures 2

Playing soccer outside the Gumpa haha

one really foggy morning

Pascal and I teaching!!!

hahaha silly monks =]

Taught the monks We are the champions and we will rock you and the Who let the dogs out!

Playing Bingo with the little monks dawa and dakpa

Rapten and his fifty bingo cards lol

morning puja inside the gumpa at 530 am!

I love the monks! Arne the Dutch is to the lefttt

these are my peeps!! Arne the Dutch, Me, Pascal the Awesome Swiss

Eating at Snowmans-the MOST AMAZING CAKES IN THE WORLD (understatement of the century)


  1. to put it in simple words the pictures are incredible!!!

  2. I agree with Smith, looks like your having a wonderful time. nice to finally see you in some picts. What else do you teach the monks? Bingo and fighting? Do they speak in English to you? How is your Nepalese? Do they eat 3 meals a day like us or do they do it different like in Europe? Where lunch is the biggest meal of the day? do they teach them math, reading/writing? Do they have Elementary school and middle school and then High school or stop after a certain age? Do monks get jobs or stay in the monastery forever? Where do their parents live? Or do they ever see them? Sorry for all the questions, but you know me, I am a curious bird:) Love you and can't wait to see ya


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