Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yeah so my plans are a bit different than what i had expected haha but not in a bad way!

i signed up to do the language and culture program before i left for Nepal, and so now im doing that program here at a hostel for a week and then they take me to my project in the Monastery!
While im here at the hostel i am going to be able to learn how to speak Nepali and learn about the culture and stuff. and they are also taking us sight seeing! we were supposed t ride elephants in the jungle but there is a strike at the moment and none of the rides are open haha. so we had to change our plans a bit =] but now were going to three different temples and going out to some other places. gonna be fun!!!

Bad News:
I got really really really sick last night =[ i had taken a freshly washed glass from the counter to drink out of, and forgot to dry it out and so i had gotten some bacteria from the tap water into my fresh water. luckily it was not enough to make me get harmfully ill.... i was asleep and then all of a sudden i was getting this pain in my stomach like i was being turned inside out by my belly button... gnarly ik.
so i tried to lay on my back and just massage my stomach, but that just made it hurt worse lol. i was up for three hours... from two am till 5... i took some ibeuprofin hoping the swelling in my belly would reduce, but that worked for like a few mins. and all day today it was paining =[ so after our language class i went and took a two hour nap haha. it felt sooo good. and when i woke up i was feeling a bit better, but right when i stood up, i had to run to the bathroom and threw up allll over the place =[ and then i went back to bed and at that point i woke up again feeling much better.

one of the guys here who lives at the hostel with us (and is the staff) is our chef. his name is Frigash (spelling?) but i just call him 'dai' or big brother. he is SO nice to me. he always gives me snacks and i sit with him while he is cooking in the kitchen and sometimes he will have me cut veggies or peel some stuff and throw them on the skillet or whatever. we have really cool coversations too about what foods are good for you and culture foods and stuff like that.

so this morning i was feeling pretty rough and on top of that the pain was making me miss my mommy hahah and every time i started to think about home my stomach would hurt even worse and i would start to tear up. so Dai made me some toast with home made honey and let me sit in the kitchen where it was warm with him. he didnt say anything just sat quietly with me. he's becoming my best friend here really fast and im so grateful. he calls me bahini or little sister sometimes too and it makes me feel like im closer to home. it helps to stop the loneliness =]

There are also two other girls here from maryland! Natalie and Nichole. Natalie is my age and Nichole is 22. they both are working at an orphanage and are taking the language and culture program with me. and then just a bit ago two french ppl showed up and are also teaching at an orphanage the day after tmro. THere is also one other old woman from london named Carol who is here on her own. im inspired by her because she is at least sixty or so and is in fantastic condition! she is travelling alone too which is even more cool lol.

Nat and Nichole know hindi and are teaching me to read and write in the Devanagari script =] we bought a Nepali news paper and they are having me and Carol decipher it haha.

this hostel is pretty cool too because there are like five floors and then there is a roof area where you can just do laundry or hang out in the sun. i am gonna get up really early and watch the sunset tmro morning =] you can see the mountains too from there! (i found out today actually that what i thought were the mountains are really just hills to the Nepali people.... insaneee)

(i started writing this like the day i got to the hostel, soo im a few days late lol. just bear with me! i will post more and more soon enough. )


  1. wow the sightseeing thing sounds great I hope you get another chance at riding the elephnats..
    good also that you have some new friends to study and interact with.
    not so good about being sick, but dont forget if your stomach hurts again just rub some peanut butter on it and it will of course help and you will also have an accessable snack for later in the day ...
    Love the Gramps

  2. You're learning Devanagari!

    नमस्ते दैनी!

    ॐ नम: शिवय!

    ॐ शान्ती शान्ती शान्ती


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