Saturday, January 15, 2011

PICTURES!! will have more up in a little while going to eat breakfast first =D

These Photos are of a baby owl we found stuck in the attic where the wolar panels are. he was
 very very beautiful and we ended up letting him go that night =] all is well with the little ulloo (owl)

THese are pics from our group tour to the biggest Buddha stupa in Aisa! the Boddanath =D

Second trip to the Monkey Temple  (Swoyambuhl)

These are pics from the Pashupatinath temple (hindi) the atmosphere is much different than the Boddanath temple... it was much more depressing.. and most of the people here were not very excited to see our white faces.....



  1. Dani--

    sorry i haven't commented in awhile! i hope things are well. i'm curious as to what the picture of that big blue psychedelic swirly fractal-ish is that you took at what appears to be a temple... do you know which one i mean?

    i hope things are well! this is the first time i've been to your blog in a long and i've just perused the first page ahahahah :)

  2. awesome pics Dani!! press on!!


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