Saturday, January 1, 2011


So today i went to the Om Family and got a full days worth of meditations, yoga, and massages!

we started out with Hatha yoga and then moved on to Kriya yoga. Kriya yoga is really really cool. we just sit there and Asha (my guru for the day and new friend) would speak and say really cool stuff in nepali and we would hum the OM sound. the vibrations when we would hum was so awesome. before we started the humming meditation, Asha told me to 'just be totally.' thats it. she asked me to 'be totally.' in my every day life from this moment forward, where ever i am, whatever im doing, just BE.

so we started reciting the Om sound and right away we hit the right tune together. so awesome because you can literally hear the different tones and pitches as if we were tuning our voices like guitars. and once we hit the OM, you could totally feel if you were tuned because our voices would resonate within our chests and ears! we did this for 15 mins straight.

after we did that she had me lay down and just relax completely on my back. she placed a hot water pad at the crown of my head, and then played a song bowl. (look them up on you tube. im gonna get one haha! so cool!) while she was doing this it was completely silent except for the song bowl which makes the EXACT tone of OM! so i was laying there and she was doing all kinds of crazy stuff with the bowl and after a while, i completely lost touch of my body. like i could feel it, but i was not in it... if that is at all easy to understand haha. she told me to focus on the sensation of my fingertips on the floor/mattress thingy. so i did and after a few mins of concentration they got super super hot as if on coals! and then just as quickly the feeling went away and i was completely numb all over. like i was so relaxed that i felt as if my body had died and my spirit was just floating around.... sounds weird to say but im serious!

when we had finished that part of the day i took a break ate breakfast, and lunch with her and then we started the Reiki massage. this was really stupid sounding at first: they do not touch you they just 'graze your energy'

ok so i was kinda skeptical when i was sitting in the chair (super comfy one!) and i was not opening myself up fully to it. but then she like put her hands on my head firmly and said 'your not opening your heart to me. just relax, close your eyes, and let everything BE'
 ok so i did that just to try it

she placed her hands just barely above the crown of my head, and the CRAZIEST sensation was going on. its not like magic or anything its just that it literally wakes up your whole body where ever her hands are. she would not touch me for a long time and all my senses under her hands were rapid firing. i could almost make out the shape of her hands by just feeling the amount of energy i was giving off! and then after hovering like that for a long time she would start to move them like a wave or pulsation. the craziest part about that is that my heart started beating with her movements!!! omggg it was so awesome lol. i was so utterly relaxed yet at the same time i was sweating because i was emitting so much energy or whatever you want to call it.

its like your brain actually is working out when she does this. its trying SO hard just to reach the thing that is so close to it, and yet it just cant get there. so it starts to almost create an image of in in your head.

like i was using sonar vision or something like a bat.
thats the effect i got anyways haha i loved it.

and then imediately after the Reiki i had to lay face down on the mattress thing on the floor. a guy came in and just started like massaging my head and neck in the best feeling head massage haha i started to fall asleep!

and then.... he moved my my shoulders and back. then it was not fun any more. he was literally destroying any traces of muscle tension in all major joints of my body. it hurt soooo bad.... but a the same time when he would move from one joint to the next my muscles felt like jelly haha

and at the last part he had me roll onto my back and he put my head on a pillow in his lap, and then he started to gently massage my entire head. like all over. my eyelids, temples, nose, eyebrows. EVERYTHING.
he started to do my ears next....
hahahaha i was supposed to be in a meditative state (which i was until this point) and it was like silent in the room except for the sound of him crushing my body lol
so he starts massaging my ears and im trying so hard to keep from smiling... it was tickling sooo badly! lol but the more i kept from smiling, the harder it got and eventually i just busted out laughing! he literally stopped dead as if i had just died or something and his eyes were so wide... i think i scared the crap out of the poor guy hahahaha!!! that just made me laugh even harder lol so he kinda just waited for me to stop and then asked if he did something wrong lmao and when i explained what happened we both got a pretty good laugh out of it.

and now i go back at seven tonight to have our celebration dinner and there is gonna be dancing and singing! and were gonna just hang out =] i love nepali people.... they are so fun!!

i have a great life. thank you friends and loved onessss =D
i am grateful for your very existence.


  1. cant think of anything to say except
    OM or in your lingo Oh My
    sounds cool except for the massage part..
    Patsy and I had a massage last week and I did get my head massaged so i think I know how you felt during that. Have a Happy New Year and let me know what they fed you
    love the Gramps

  2. Reiki is so awesome. I am lucky to have a few friends that are Reiki master/massage therapists that will work on me from time to time.

    So sweet to hear about your adventures..
    I've always found when I'd return home is when I'd REALLY realize how amazing my travels were.

    Good luck and have fun :)


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