Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meditating Ravers? hahaha SWEET!

So the last dinner celebration thing for the Om Family retreat was crazy!

we started out with 15 mins of complete silence (there was only five of us).
so were doing the silence. Asha tells us to stand up with our eyes still closed.
so we do, and then you hear this on the speakers like blaring loud:

'im no DJ to F*&% with' and then crazy rave music comes on and everyone suddenly starts flailing arms and hair all over the place! at first i was not sure what the heck to do hahah so i just stood there in complete shock at what just broke out of complete and utter stillness....

and then i decided meh what the heck. so we all danced for like a half hour to crazy music! we had a raving meditation hahaha! and then literally after the last song everyone sat down and we became silent again.

it was really fun tho! because you are just still reveling in that moment of blissful dance and freedom to do what you want and be what you want with complete strangers.

then we had a classic Nepali feast =]

so tmro i leave for the monastery at 9 am! ahhhh its crazy how quickly a place can become your home if you really let it. i feel like i have known the people at this hotel for my whole life and im actually sad to leave! they are all asking me to come back and visit them just to have tea and talk. they said that they will miss me =] i love my friends!

so i am about to embark on a serious journey both physically and mentally.... i wonder what the outcome is going to be.

but then i should probably not worry about the future and just worry about the now. i don't want to worry about the finish if i haven't even started yet!

hope to post again soon keep looking out for something. not sure when ill be on next. if i dont post for a while ill be writing a journal. so maybe ill write a little memoir or autobio.

we will see =]
love you all.


  1. i wish... i wish that had happened when i took meditation classes...
    and yes, write a book about your experience!

  2. not sure weather you were a meditating raver or
    a raving meditator or even if there is a difference
    love the Gramps

  3. i've been thinking about this lately-- i think it's such a good thing to practice going from complete zen to crazy rage and back to zen. two opposite states of consciousness and energy. if you can do that, that's bomb shit.


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