Sunday, December 26, 2010

35 bucks a day or get my buddha on? what to do!!! ahhhh

I was just offered a position by my teacher Sir Hemuntha  Raj Dahal (his name is soooo awesome haha) to teach Nepali adult teachers how to speak proper English and how to teach using new methods (the ones i have been learning here at class). 

I would start on the 14th of January and go till the 23rd teaching them how to speak English. That will be one section of the offer. Then I come back as a follow up from the English language learning, to teach them how to use the methods i literally just learned myself in a classroom. that would start on the 30th of Jan and go till the 8th of Feb.

each day i would be getting 2,500 Nepali Rupees. thats like 34 bucks a day. and for a month i would make around 50,000 Rupees total.. that is a FORTUNE here. like that is some serious cash for a Nepali person... i could buy my own house on the mountains with that probs. and this will almost guarantee me some hella good jobs in the future because it will be a great amount of experience... 

BUT heres the thing. if i was to do this i will have to cancel on my monastery thing and ask them if i can extend the trip to april. if i was to do that, i would have to cancel my flight ticket home, and pay for a visa extension. on top of that, i would have to buy another return ticket, which will cost me about 70,000 rupees or so. so i wont really be making anything....
and if the monastery wouldnt let me do the extension i will have lost all the money i spent to just get into the program.

so it seems like it would be a good idea if i were planning on staying in Nepal for a really big chunk of my life... but im not sure if im ready for that yet.

plus i might never get the chance to LIVE in a real buddhist temple ever again. 


and just the other day Harimaya was looking at my hands and saw those little white spots on my nail, and she said that it means i will get something new. lol and she also read that some time i will have two children in my life... awesome. i hope that part is wrong haha. 


  1. well very interesting.....When will you know about your test??
    the white spots and something new well you did get the new insense burner.. and the part about two children obviously refers to Me and Patsy
    when our minds go and you have to take care of us in our old ages just like two kids and of course the third Kid would be MoM whoa

    have fun
    Love the Gramps

  2. That is an impossibly hard decision. If I were you I would continue on with the original plan and then maybe after that experience you could decide if you felt you were ready to go home or if you wanted to stay a bit longer and find another job? I hate to preach but remember that all of this is so incredibly awesome and whatever you do is the right thing to do!

  3. stay in the monastery and you will come to learn that money and possessions are unimportant! :D


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