Thursday, December 23, 2010

harimaya is a goddess. i absolutely love the woman.

Today i had breakfast with that guy because i had no way of contacting him in order to cancel, so i just stuck it out..... ( and i think i need to work on being mean sometimes)

needless to say he really ruined my day.

before he came i told my friends at the hotel that they should bring his food out fast and that way he will eat really fast. they are all so nice here =] the guy who brings my food out to me every day is awesome. he has been teaching me nepali phrases; a different one every time he brings out my meal =] and i told him of my predicament with the guy and he said this:

"this is your house, and we are all your brothers.  So no worries Bahini (little sister) " and he smiled and walked away =D

 while the creepo and i were eating i was just being nice and offered him some toast with honey and he said "i would lick that honey off you in a second." i  honestly have never felt so violated in my life. by someone i didnt know at all and so publicly. i just stared at my porridge after that and ate with out another word. when i was done i just got up and went to my room. i stayed there hoping that he would go away after he was done eating, but yeah he didnt....
i planned out that i would pretend like i was going to class and hurriedly walk away from the hotel and then come back after a while.
as i was packing, i heard some foot steps coming up the stairs and then a knock at my door. i swear to you at this point i was ready to seek and destroy hahaha. i slowly opened the door...
AND IT WAS HARIMAYA!!!! OMGG i was sooo relieved. and the fact that she came an entire hour early was weird. i asked her before telling her anything why she came so early, and she said:
"i showered and got freshened up, ate my foods, and then had a weird urge to come over, so i did!"

lmao and then when i told her what was going on, she got so mad and almost went downstairs to throw her shoe at the guy!!! (this is a huge insult here lmao) but yeah she said ok fine lets just leave this place for now and go to the school early.

so we packed up and walked downstairs...
and low and behold he was still there and he GOT A CARRIAGE. what a sicko. seriously. as if i would get in that thing with him. douche.

my waiter friend winked at me and kept the man busy while we snuck out haha. but when he saw us leaving he stood up fast and looked like he was about to follow us so we took off running!

lol when we stopped running we realized how funny the scene must have looked... us running away from a crippled man on crutches LMAO! she always knows how to make the situations brighter.

as the day went on i kept hearing him saying that nasty statement to me... and the attention i usually get from the natives was bothering me so much today because i kept thinking that they were all saying that same statement in their heads as they looked at me. i wanted to hide. There are times i wish that i could just be butt ugly so i could just avoid situations and people all together.

by mid day it had just gotten to me and i was so relieved to be back in the classroom (we had to walk to observe a new teaching method) that i started to tear up. stupid ik but i was honestly feeling like a pile of trash.
when Harimaya noticed me crying, she stood up with out a word and walked out of the room. she returned after a couple of mins with some sweet tea and set it down in front of me, put her hands firmly on my shoulders and turned me to face her.
 she said this in a stern mother voice:

"look at me. stop your tears right now. if we crumble at our enemy's hand, we have become cowards. YOU are anything but this. so take it from your thoughts."
this made me cry a little more haha so she continued...
"I see you as i see my daughter. you are my daughter. and i mean this from my heart.  every day you are smiling and your face is bright and beautiful, but you have let him cast a shadow over your forehead. take this and become stronger. let your light shine again."
this woman has made such an impact on me its incredible. i would give my life for her.

after we did our work, she walked me to my hotel and talked to the guy at the reception desk. he said that any time he comes around he will call my room to let me know so i can avoid him and he also said that any time he asks about me he will have everyone say that i am out and never give any information.

all is good in the hood =]


  1. Damn girl suck it up and confront the guy and tell him you are not interested and to stop comming around .... or I may have to make and unscheduled visit Love
    The Gramps

  2. I like gramps comment too punkin. Politely tell him thank you but I am no longer interested. Have a good day. And I like Hari's thought about don't give him too much power over you..I have always said that to you (with FLO)...your amazing and I am sure you will figure it will be able to laugh about it soon.. love and miss you


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