Friday, December 24, 2010

New friend again... this time its a girl!!

So yea im just sitting here using the pooter and a girl from scotland came and started talking to me. her name is Joanna or Jo and she is really cool! she has done yoga teaching and she told me about some cool places to go and do group meditations and some place that does really cheap yoga sessions and she invited me to go with her to celebrate Christmas eve tonight!! she is a bit older than me like in her 20s or something but she is cool and said age is nothing its whats inside thats important =D so i guess that means im not too shabby haha

but yeah right now i wouldnt have thought there would be anything going on but the streets are ALIVE right now. earlier its the same but now you can hear all the noise of the clubs and bars and hotels are playing music and lights are up in shops lol its great! and now i have someone to share it with =D that makes me feel good.

so at 9 tonight were gonna go out and just take a walk and go to this restaurant she knows of that has really good curry. 

we just had a chat about meditation and some of our funny stories we have had so far since being here and she showed me a cool band called Deep Forest. pretty cool you should check them out!
oh and she is here working as a volunteer too! she is doing something with a place called i think Helping Hands or something? not sure if thats right i forgot haha. but yeah she is the only volunteer lol and she was feeling lonely so she was happy to have met me! i hope that im not the only volunteer at the monastery... but if i am thats fine too cuz then ill get to have more time with the monks and focusing on my inner self =] either way ill be happy.

so yeah hope everyone is having a nice xmas eve =] love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


  1. Merry Christmas Dear Dani
    Merry Christmas to You
    Merry Christmas Dear Dani
    even in Katmandu
    Merry Chrismas Dear Dani
    Holy Cow and Gee Whiz
    Merry Christmas Dear Dani
    wherever you is
    Our Arms cant reach you
    to Give you a Squeeze
    Just because Dear Dani
    you are overseas
    Merry Christmas Dear Dani
    our love we do Send
    and so now my Dear Dani
    this poem doth end
    The Gramps

  2. Merry Christmas Dani. we miss you. Hope you have a wonderful day there and remember we love you here too. Mom and K

  3. Gramps i love you. and i miss you very much!!!!
    love you too mamma =D happy birthday!!!


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