Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MARIAH!! and other things =]

soo yeah, Mar-dog. i was meditating before class today and i was listening to that music.... sooo awesome
i was envisioning myself like a ball of colored paint and every time i breathed out i would stretch wavy jelly limbs in every single direction. each one was a different color... and when i breathed in they would retract; each time going farther and farther both inward and out ward. lol i sat there doing that for an hour an a half!!! my reception lady at the desk had to call my room cuz i forgot to go down and meet Harimaya so we could leave for class hahah.. oops

oh and on top of that, (mom dont freak out..) i lost my room key... so i cant lock my door lol. awesome.
BUT the good thing  is i leave for a new hotel the day after tmro!

its wayy cheaper like 500 rupees (7 bucks) a night!! compared to the 25 bucks a night i pay here at this crazy place.... i forget the name of the new hotel but its like right in the heart of Thamel. this is where all the life is!!! way more people my age and lots more to do at night. tens of thousands of shops and all kind of internet cafes soo basically its gonna be sweet. oh and there is a garden out in the front too that is smaler but wayyy nicer. its covered by trees almost completely! i love it. cant wait to pack up and bounce haha.

yeah and i teach my first class tmro.... ohh nelly. im pretty prepared tho so ill sent their brains home jam packed with info! lol about animals... since thats my topic... but my teaching method will make them have fun. im pumped. EEEEE!! wish me luck!!


  1. good luck on the teaching of the kids I know you will do fine..
    on the meditation jelly wavy multi colored thing
    I am sure it means your waiting for a guy who meditates and sees himself as a large glob of peanut butter looking for different flavors of a wavy jelly thing
    love The GRAMPS

  2. goooood luck!! let us know how it goes


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