Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still No Word On The Package....

I have been to check almost every day since i moved to this hotel in Thamel... so idk what to tell ya gramps im hoping that there is just something wrong with it getting here and its not just here and they are not telling me! i wouldnt doubt it haha...

and then on top of that, none of the stupid ATM machines are letting me take money out. It worked yesterday so not sure what the issue is. some of them would say ' Thank you come again.' but then not give me any money or receipt... im so fed up with the way things are run in this city lol. their government needs an enema or something! fresh start... and the pollution is so bad i saw a lady leaning out her window on the fouth story literally dumping urine and toilet waste onto the street where ppl are walking. i am soooo ready for the country side haha.

not that the city cant be beautiful sometimes... because it can its just REALLY hard to catch it at the right time when it is haha. thats really why i have been getting up at 6 am... no one is awake and the streets are silent. the sky is fresh (er) and you  can actually see the mountains... its my favorite part of the day. and at night around seven some days when the power goes out all over the city hahaha. they have no choice but to wait till 9 for it to come back on again!!! and i get to sit and meditate by candle light... soo peaceful after a nice cup of hot jasmine tea =]

I have my Final Exam on sunday!!! OMG im nervous. =/

and then only one more week left till i go to the monestary!!

this class has been awesome tho for sure. very practical and i have gotten some really great experience with teaching. SO glad i did it!! =D


  1. You're frikkin' ruling right now!!

  2. Dani, every time I sign in to your blog I go to bed with a smile on my face....dancing by yourself on the 4th floor balcony is my all time favorite.
    You are having a once in a lifetime experience savor it all, even that creep will be a funny memory for you to bring home.
    It sounds like you have met some wondeful people that you will remain friends with forever. And I sure am interested in that toast that you rave about, or maybe it's getting close to mealtime for me.
    Keep Blogging
    Love you xo


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