Thursday, December 16, 2010


ALREADY! you guys, this is INCREDIBLE. the school we went to was a higher secondary private school. so its like a high end school... like im telling you i laughed when he told me because i thought he was just being funny.
and then Kamal, my teacher, pulled me to the side and said that he was being dead serious and that i should not laugh.
hahaha... oops..

but yeah so i told him that i had to decline for now because i am going to need more training i think and that i was going to go home after the four months to go to college. he basically said that he didnt care. whenever i am ready i have a job here!
he offers free room and board and free meals!!! OMGGGGGGG thats awesome

and Harimaya also said that if i didnt want to live in the city to teach, i could go out to her home town of Gorkha and she would get me a job there! (she is a really well renowned lady in her town apparently which i am not surprised!)  and she said that it would not be hard for her to get me a well paying job where i could live nestled in the mountains =]

you guys my future is basically being placed in my hands. i can not believe this.


  1. Dani, this sounds so cool! And the place that you will be living soon looks awesome. I'm so happy for you! I'm glad things are working out.. I told you they would get better :).

  2. Dani
    excellent and just plain Wow
    Nice to have a network available to you that you can utilize as necessary.. When they offer room and board does that also come with some type of Salary
    again your doing excellent work
    also be sure and get his name and the name of the school in case you need a reference in the future
    love the Gramps

  3. What fun. I am very happy for you and you sound like it's come nice and easily to you. I miss you mann! But what I really wanted to say is just remember that everyone here loves you and I hope you don't get too homesick.
    BTW Living snuggled up in the mountains for a few months sounds nothing but perfect :)

  4. lol yeah brookie pie!! i miss you too! i wear your hat every day =] i went with out it one day and one of the guards i see on my walk to class every day laughed and said that he didnt even recognize me with out it!! ps, it has definitely not been easy lol but thats whats gonna make me grow =D i loveee yeeewww!!

    hannah, you are a guru. in your own right haha. i used you as my meditation focus the other day (basically just thinking about things you would like here, where you might go in your future, who your gonna meet, and basically that it would all be smoooth sailin =] ) thanks for being so positive and up lifting.

    and gramps, yeah he would offer a salary but they are not very well paying anywhere in kathmandu... the best offers are like food and housing. thats kinda like getting paid in itself haha.


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