Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I made a new friend!!!

He  is from London and i forgot his name already haha but he went trekking a few days ago and twisted his knee and i guess he sprained his acl or something? he has only been here for like 5 days and has spent almost all his time in the hospital or in his bed lol. poor guy.

he is staying at the hotel just down the way from mine and he asked if maybe we could get some dinner because he has no friends here and wants to get out more haha. so we might go get some food at one of these restaurants i know of not too far from his hotel. its really good and has all vegetarian food. safe water to drink and all its food is safe pretty much. its fairly cheap too! so i figured we could go there since he is on crutches and a brace and will not be able to make it anywhere else hahaha.
i feel so bad for him! that would suck to spend all that money to get here and then have to waste it on basically a four day hospital visit.... and then not being able to do anything cuz you are on crutches haha.

and he also took a TEFL course with some CELTA program. he said he wished he would have taken the one im doing now cuz he knows some ppl who have gotten jobs like the moment they apply after completing the course!! woo good news for me!

but yeah just wanted to share that =]

oh and im teaching again today at one!!! ahhh im nervous... the last class went horrid with the teaching style we learned... and we have to do the same one again today! crapppppp

wish me luck lol...


  1. whoa that would really suck. spending time in the hospital when your on vacation ,,,YUK
    well enjoy your dinner,,Say Hi to him for me ..Maybe he can give you some tips in London on your way back in March..
    Oh the post office says the package arrived in Nepal at noon on the 20th. So keep checking at the hotel maybe it will be delivered today
    love the Gramps

  2. Is he cute? haha you've already got a man though


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