Monday, December 27, 2010

I got my packages!!! =D

YAY!!! they were all christmasy and everything!! =D thank you familyyyy i love you!!!

oh and Harimaya said that the hemp bracelet Kaegan made her is actually a symbol of the brother and sister bond in India! so she was very very happy with it =]

so thats the awesome news and i shared all my goodies with my friends at the school and some with my friends here at the hotel!

the bad news is that the process of getting the packages cost me 400 rupees... almost six dollars but thats hella expensive in nepali terms.

they sent me to this person to sign this and then that person to sign thaat and so on which took like ten to fifteen mins.
after i got all the things signed, one lady tells me that i need to not only have my passport, but a photocopied print of it as well. awesome so i have to find a photocopy center near the post office, while there is a power cut. so alll the copiers were off. I finally found one that had something called an inverter? not too sure what it was but it was like ten rupees more expensive than a regular copy.

annnd now photocopy successful, back to the post office.
when i get there they make me go to the head mans office to get the passport copy signed. what a surprise.... hes not there.

i asked the lady where to find him and she tells me he is in the back SUNBATHING. they had completely moved everything of his outside just so he could catch his rays. at this point i am soooo frustrated it hurts lol.

i bring the signed papers back to the package room and they finally bring out my package right? so im ready to leave when this guy comes in wearing fancy sunglasses, finely trimmed handle-bar facial hair and Goatee, with gold and diamond rings on every finger. he is fully equipped with a giant calculator, and an excessively large knife. He takes my packages from me and literally hacks them open! i had to stop him and ask him what the heck he was doing!

he said to me that they have to 'make sure there is nothing illegal in them' so he sorts through all my stuff and then sticks it all sloppily back in the box. as he takes them out he looks at each thing and types numbers on his calculator. basically he was RE-SELLING me all my items from the box.

 when he was finished and told me the price was 350rupees i asked him:

'where exactly is this money going? to your fancy glasses and brass knuckles or to the POST OFFICE?'

hahah which i regretted shortly after because he said nothing and then typed in more numbers and told me my new price was 400....

lesson learned: hold my temper and watch my mouth no matter how much they deserve it lol.

but my mood was better after i got to relax and enjoy my yummies with my friends!!

thank you so much!!


  1. hey girl
    did you get both boxes one from Mom and one from us???
    any news on your test results???
    Love The Gramps

  2. i've heard this happens a lot to international deliveries in third world countries.

  3. glad you got my box and loved it. hope your kids like all the little crayons and such I got. Do they have that stuff there? Or is it all american? Or is that a dumb question? haha Can't believe it has been so long. I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear how the monastery thing you


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