Friday, December 24, 2010

woooo today is a success!

Harimaya and i went and did all of our homework on the roof garden today! before that we had an amazing conversation about her life growing up. it was so great i have asked her to re tell it and i will tape her in the process. then i am going to use that to write a story about her!! really its that good.

so we finished our work with the sun gently stroking our cheeks, then went and checked on the card situation....
The first bank we went to just gave us the run-around and told us to go see him, go see her bla bla blaaa
so we gave up and went to check on the Hotel Ambassador to see if my package from the Gramps had arrived yet.
they said that their PO box man is on leave and he is the only one with the key to their box.. figures lol. so we have to wait until monday to see if its there. hopefully it is!!
Across the street we went to another bank and used their ATM machines and they worked!!! yaya!!! so now i can pay back my friend and all is well =D

AND the best part, we found a tattoo parlor and its really nice, really good artists, and they said they could get me in next week!! on the 31st of Decemberrrr! soo now im getting this on my forearm:
(ps, its only 42 bucks... even better)



i have seen it everywhere so far and it is the eyes of Buddha and the Hindu god Swayambhu (means self creation)
it is the eyes for justice and truth.
soo Harimaya told me that it would be a great way to remember her and Nepal if I got that as a tattoo! forever i will remember her!! WOOO

oh yeah and that creepo guy, he has not come around at all =D oh happy days


  1. on your forarm??? why there? And you don't need a tattoo to remember anyone. You will remember her forever with out a tattoo. isn't that where guys get tattoos?? please think about this and why your doing it..just asking you to rethink is forever..

  2. ok.... mom just relax. i have thought it over and no thats not just where guys get it? you can get a tattoo anywhere. guys get tatts on their shoulders and you have one on your shoulder.... and you can remember your irish every day you dont NEED a symbol to remind you you just wanted one =] love you =]


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