Saturday, December 18, 2010

I like... i like to... EAT! raaaggghhhh Nepali foooddddd mmmmm

oh man this new hotel is heavenly.
i have two lil beds and two walls in an L shape that are all windows! so that means i get full sunlight from about 7 am to about 4. and when i open all the windows i have the best breeze....
in the mornings i wake up at like six thirty, shower, get out to some nice warm morning sunshine, and head downstairs for the best toast i have ever had. (and Rarles, thats not an exaggeration! lol) im telling you this is weird lookin toast. and its super fluffy but crunchy at the same time. it has a kind of yellowy eggy brown color to it and then they give you some honey to put on top of it. ohhh man i love it. and i also get to have fresh brewed jasmine tea every morning =]

so thats mah new life for now =]

oh yeah and i got on to the roof today, (not sure its legal or if im allowed to....) and there is a HUGE garden with all these crazy looking plants on it. i did some yoga and then just sat there. the view is awesome from there. you can see the Monkey Temple all the way in Kitirpur! oh and they also have a lil cage of super cute colorful birdies =] i think they are some kind of parakeet maybe?

so. last night. like two houses to the right of my window, there was a rave party. i sooo wanted to go over there so i got all ready and dressed ( i was in bed by like ten haha and then right when i heard the music i jumped up!) and went downstairs.... and then i realized that i had no idea where the stupid exit was. i was trapped in my hotel lmao. idk how to explain it, but like they close all the windows and doors at night, so it looks sooo different from being all open windows you know? lol so i had to go up on the 4th floor balcony (which again not sure if i can do..) and just danced by myself =D hahah what a life i have. maybe ill go there tonight and this time tell the guy so he can leave a door open for me!!

yeah so idk what else to share.


  1. sounds like french toast to me ..
    if you do get out at night and the place is locked up be sure you can get back in also...Da??
    If possible check back next week with the old hotel and see if they have your box,,,The Post office here is trying to track it but I haven heard anything back as yet...

  2. The open feel to your new room sounds great :) Maybe if you start playing your own dance music, people will come to you? Your description of the hotel at night with everything shut reminded me of 'I Am Legend' haha. Maybe they shut them to protect you from light fearing angry zombies?
    I am going to Devils Lake tonight, but I will be looking for you on skype.. Hope to hear from you soon. I really miss you Dani

  3. oh jeez, why is it my first comment wants to be DONT GO OUT AT NIGHT ALONE!!!!! and gramps had a good point..,if you go out at nite, make sure you can get back in...ask if they lock it up? love you potlicker

  4. lol its all good mom. i didnt end up going out at all anyways and i wont any time soon. =] i have to study for my final exam this coming sunday!!! ahhhh and then only a week till i go to the monestary!!

  5. ok good luck on the finals and remember to go down and pay something weekly on your hotel bill so you dont have a huge bill at the end to put on your card
    love the Gramps


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