Sunday, December 26, 2010

Test Complete.... hopefully i did ok!

Oh boy i just finished my test.. we were given like three hours to do it haha and i finished in like an hour and a half... so we will see.

but yeah so last night i went to eat for christmas dinner with my friend Johanna (aka Jyoti as Mikesh and the guys call her) and then we went to hang out with Mikesh, and  Vikeas and the boss man that i dont like at the Funhouse.

The Funhouse is the guys' four story cloth shop a few mins from our hotel. each level has a different theme, and you practically have to crawl around cuz the ceilings are so short. but its so cozy in there because the amount of fabric they have makes the building soundproof! we hang out in the main shop area on the ground floor. its my favorite room because there are scarves all over the walls and cool shawls and shirts and tapestries everywhere! you cant see the walls at all lol. and we sit on little chairs made of wicker or something and they play super chill indian music.
any time were not sure what to do with our nght we always go over there and just relax. i love it.

the boss man speaks in weird indian riddles ALL the time not even joking. he is can be pretty funny sometimes and other times he can be a super jerk to the other guys.
He thinks that he is mister all powerful business man and makes the others do his every bidding =/ Mikesh is my favorite because he is the nicest! He hardly says anything and when he does its some witty phrase in english lol and he always laughs at his own jokes even if no one even understood what the heck he said!

one time the boss man made Mikesh go make him some food and when he came back and sat down i leaned over and asked him why he does everything the boss man says

he said to me;
'My karma is very important. some times he tells me i cant eat so i dont. if i am to give up my jacket and be cold for someone else, i will do it. Karma is important.'
then i asked him if he would jump off a bridge just because the boss man told him to and he honestly said that he would do it.... its a hard concept for me to grasp.

it made me sad and yet impressed at the same time that he is so devoted and selfless that he would do anything for anyone at any time. and it pissed me off that the boss man knows this and uses it to his advantage =/

so we like to go there when they start closing the shop because that way the boss man will leave and we can hang out with the fun people haha.

oh yeah and at dinner we got free presents with our meal! lol it was just a super cute hand made owl incense burner! i ruvv it =D

sorry this message is put together so poorly lol i feel like my brain is on meltdown from so much grammar studying...

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