Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was given a cd by someone i met here at the hotel after dinner last night. i over heard him talking about karma and the how the mind is a beautiful thing if we learn how to correctly use it to some other people and asked if i could join the conversation. the cd had tibetan meditation music on it, and it is beautiful... i just imported it to my computer so could i have it. he told us that he likes to use it while meditating. he also told us the correct posture to use and how to focus the mind. i never got the chance to ask his name or anything cuz he had to leave for a business meeting or something.

ps, the cd was called "Tibetan Meditation" by a guy named Phil Thornton. see if there is anything on youtube about it. my favorite songs are the ones called  "Mandala: Ascent" and "Lotus Dance." soo awesome.

what he told me was this (roughly lol):
in the fivepoint posture (which he most likes to use),
The first point is that the body should be straight. no leaning forward or backwards or to any side. (he said you could sit in a straight backed chair if it was too difficult at first)
the second point was to relax the throat. (not really sure how to do it so he just told me that you should relax it so the air flows smoothly and with out force.)
The third point is that the legs should be crossed in the full lotus position (i asked about if i could not get my legs in the lotus position what should i do? he said that you can just relax them into the half lotus posture, which is just like crossing your legs.)
The fourth point is the body should be "gathered together like chains." (basically you just need to have some control and strength to hold yourself in that position.)
The fifth and final point is to keep your mind and body fairly tight, exherting a fair amount of energy. (basically so that you can remain focused and in this posture for long periods of time.)

its not easy!! i hope that made some sense lol i have been doing more research about it and stuff so im getting better =] it feels really good to just let your mind go... your not so much trying to totally relax it or stop thinking, rather you should step back from your thoughts and just view them. i was reading a blog from a guy on meditation and he said this:
'In meditation we are not looking to stop our thought processes. In fact, we are not really looking for anything in particular. We are simply looking.'

pretty cool and he described it really well...  linky link link =] 
you should read all his blogs they are pretty cool. i have been following it for a while now.


  1. i'm so happy you're learning meditation. it makes life a lot better (although i'm speaking hypocritically since i haven't in forever.) but you should learn what the chakras are. you will love this stuff :)


  2. sometimes i picture myself as a tree growing with each breath. inhaling, growing bigger and branches reaching up into the sky, and with exhaling, roots are growing deeper and stronger into the earth. it helps keep your mind from wandering.


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